Smartphone/Tablet Repair

Yes, We Can Fix That...

Smartphone/Tablet Repairs

We can repair or replace parts for most issues you may encounter with your iPhone, iPad, smart phone or tablet device.
Our techs can diagnose and fix your iPhone/iPad and have you back calling, chatting and texting in no time.

Parts Replacement

Powerjack, Speaker, Buttons, Etc...
  • If your powerjack is broken, stop using the phone immediately… don’t “try” to make it work
  • If one part of your phone is badly damaged, then the other components inside can be damaged as well.
  • If your phone is smoking, then you probably have a short somewhere so don’t plug it back in and hope it works
  • A single part replacement does not guarantee that the phone will be fixed; other components inside can also be damaged
  • If your phone/tablet is under warranty for accidental damage, then use it

Mainboard Replacement

New & Used Parts
  • A mainboard is the core part of your phone/tablet and is usually the most expensive part to replace
  • In some cases it is worth replacing when we can provide a reasonably priced mainboard
  • If the mainboard is damaged due to a drop or liquid spill/submergion, then other parts of the phone could be damaged
  • If you think that your mainboard is bad, then try to remember what you paid for the phone/tablet and its age before getting it repaired
  • If your phone/tablet is under warranty for mainboard damage then use it