Our Repair Fees

Well… how much do you guys charge to fix stuff?

We like to be competitively priced and fair….

CRS is also local so call or come on in and ask your questions!

Prices are broken down into 4 categories:

We have a flat fee of $50 that covers our basic labor fee (troubleshooting, software/hardware install, diagnostics). Our flat fee also covers our reflow service for consoles (a soldering technique to heat up the circuit board to melt the solder joints to reconnect they to the circuit board) . We will reflow up to 2 times when performing a repair. If problems continue after this procedure then the main board (circuit board) is considered reparable and will need replaced.
We have a flat fee of $30 that covers our basic labor fee (troubleshooting & cleaning). Replacement parts to repair the controller are additional. Customer will be called to discuss part costs before any additional repairs are completed. 
These prices vary depending on what needs to be fixed, replaced or repaired. Typical parts we replace on consoles can be a laser, drive tray, power supply, optical drive, hard drive or worn plastic or rubber parts. Controllers can be tricky since they are soo compact. It can be a rubber or plastic piece… sometimes a wire if it has been damaged or broken. These prices vary from system to system. As for as phones and tablets, some typical parts can be digitizers or LCD screens, power jacks, batteries or a bad power supply. Our technicians will contact you before any parts are replaced, changed or ordered.
If your internal Hard Drive fails we can perform a data recovery to save your game files. We have a diagnostics fee of $50 and this does not include the cost of data recovery. If we are able to recover your data, the recovery fee varies between $150-350 depending on the time it takes to perform the recovery. If we cannot perform the recovery in-house then we have to send it out to a partner that will physically take apart the hard drive to recover data. Those fees start at $800 and can go up over $2500.

The Repair Process

Call or bring in your device, speak to one of our experienced technicians to discuss your concerns, give full details about what happened to device and how (if known), discuss options for repair (if applicable), submit pre-payment to cover diagnostics and repairs, wait patiently for 2-3 business days as technician checks out your device to properly conclude what needs to be repaired/replaced, receive a phone call to discuss options (if parts are required), come back and pick up your device (make additional payment if parts were required). Some parts will require a prepayment if the part is not in stock and exceeds $75.

Turnaround and Warranty

  •  Actual repair times will vary based on individual faults and the availability of parts.
  •  Most repairs take 2-3 business days. If we have to order parts it can take longer. Non-inventory replacement parts are shipped to order.
  • Repairs are priced with our flat-fee service program of $50 + parts as required.
  • Parts soldering (new and modifications) and data recovery from failing or damaged hard drives is not covered in our flat-fee pricing plan.
  • We warranty all of our work/parts for 30 days.
  • Any system modifications or dismantling equipment automatically voids this warranty.
  • You must inform us of ALL issues you are having. Our warranty does NOT cover faults that we are unaware of.
  • Warranty starts the day the repair is completed.
  • Any repair not picked up within 60 days is considered property of Console Repair Store (SysQuick) and will be sold.