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What We Fixed...

PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

We replaced an HDMI port on a PS4 today. This is what happens to your HDMI port on your PS4 when your not getting video output... The pins are all pushed through the back of the port. Please be gentle With your PS4.

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Wii U’s in for Service

Even Nintendos newest console needs some TLC. Cleaned up and just like new...... Take care of your consoles and they will last a long time. Remember the Super NES.... I still have one and it's running just fine.

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You won’t believe this, but a ps4 walked through the door yesterday… it was suffering from freezing and graphic glitch’s. It was a pleasure to reflow the first ps4 at CRS. pic is included

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Last week was very busy.. had bunch of PS3’s coming in from local customers in Baltimore for repair and some Xbox Slims. Shipped out come Xbox 360s back to customers and was working late to keep up and get things done! Pictures speak louder than words.

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Just a note about our refurbs…

We clean them out thoroughly.. that includes the fans, dvd/bluray drive and the case. We reflow the the GPU and install fix’s for both Xbox 360 and PS3. We stress test the consoles on our burn racks to make sure they hold up. we don’t sell them unless they past our...

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